Gretsch Drums

In my book, Gretsch continues to design and manufacture the best drums on the planet. From their classic vintage kits to their modern masterpieces, Gretsch drums are versatile and live up to their name and sound in any and every musical situation I find myself in. 


Zildjian Cymbals 

I've been playing Zildjian cymbals for over 20 years and never grow tired of them. The Zildjian sound has left an indelible mark on thousands (at least!) of classic recordings from jazz to rock to classical genres. 

Vic Firth Sticks, Mallets, and Brushes

I've been playing Vic Firth sticks, mallets, and brushes for over 20 years, and it's the only stick that has ever felt comfortable in my hands and sound amazing to my ears.

Remo Drumheads

Simply put, Remo makes the best, most durable drumheads in the world. Drumheads play such an integral role in the sound of the drumset and Remo heads help my drums sound their best in any situation.