Selected Discography/Credits

*Drum tracking at the Mountain View Studio


trioKAIT 2/trioKAIT/Drums, Percussion, and Engineering

Junkyard Duo (eponymous)/Junkyard Duo/Drums, Engineering, Mixing, and Production*

"The Way That it Hurts" (single)/ Dan Sadin

"Love Somebody" (single)/Frenship/Drums and Engineering*

"I Can't Make You Love Me" (cover)/John Torres/Drums and Engineering*

"Love, The Word" (single)/Zach Zimmerman/Drums and Engineering*

"I Hope That You Don't Mind" (single)/Zach Zimmerman/Drums and Engineering*


Casual/trioKAIT/Drums and Engineering*

Lovesick Duck/The Vibrometers*

Everybody Screams (EP)/New Language

Solitary Man/Matt Forbes

"Bitch Flip" (single)/Andrew Synowiec

"Lonely Road" (single)/Andrew Synowiec

Free as I Can Be (EP)/Justin Paul Sanders*

"This House is Full" (single)/Eleanor K*

Towers of Temple City/John Torres/Drums and Engineering*

"The Time I Wasted" (single)/Zach Zimmerman/Drums and Engineering*

"Enheduanna" (single)/Yes Machine*

"Lie to Me" (single)/Yes Machine*

"The Ringer" (single)/Colyer/Drums and Engineering*

"Lost in Your Love" (single)/Colyer/Drums and Engineering*

Unlikely Valentine/Ron Boustead

Shadow and Light/Catherine Goldwyn and Phil Lewis


“Sunday Smile”(single)/Jake Troth

Make Love, Live Free/Kyiki*

"Some Guys Have All the Luck" (single)/Matt Forbes

"On Melancholy Hill" (single)/Matt Forbes

"Runaway Blues (feat. Take 6)" (single)/Sasha's Bloc

"Pound for Pound"/Ordinary Tales of Madness/Bushwalla

"Lighthouse of Love (feat. Tata Vega and Ellis Hall)" (single)/Dennis Dreith

Blowin' Smoke/various tracks/Drums and Percussion

Till They Lay Me Down/David Wise

First Set/David Sills, Mike Scott, Roger Shew, Jake Reed


trioKAIT (eponymous)/trioKAIT

Coulda Woulda Shoulda/Matt Forbes

Waves and Waves (eponymous)/Waves and Waves


Peter Cho Band (eponymous)/Peter Cho

Erik Leuthäuser/In the Land of Oo-Bla-Dee (German release)


Kiven (eponymous)/Kiven

Due South/Tim Fischer

12 Minutes of Christmas (EP)/Matt Forbes

So High (single)/Charlene Mignault

Chat Chill Highline/Christina Rusnak


Blue's the New Green/David Sills

West Coast Cool/Mancini-Mezquida

Merry Go Round/Shani Rose


Formanism/Bruce Forman

Cowlifornia Swing/Cow Bop

1840 (EP)/Kiven

It's Just a Matter of Time/Mandy Gaines and the Phil DeGreg Trio

I'm Walkin'/Paul Gormley

The Vibrometers (eponymous EP)/The Vibrometers

Shades of Christmas/Various Artists (Kait Dunton Trio)

All This and More (EP)/Emily Intersimone


Too Hick for the Room/Cow Bop


No Moon at All (EP)/Kait Dunton


Treadin' with Treadwell/CCM Jazz Ensemble


Film/TV/commercial credits

LA Times Fashion Podcast/main theme/2018*

Downsizing (motion picture)/source music/2017*

Gilbert (documentary)/main title and cues/2017

Soufra (documentary)/percussion cues and engineering/2017*

The Talk - Race in America (PBS)/cues/2017

"Lullaby Girl"/Lisa Loeb/live performance on Conan/2017

Criminal Minds/"The Sandman" season 11 episode 17/cues/2016

Get on Up-The James Brown Story (motion picture)/various cues/2014

Muertoons (TV show)/main title theme/2014

Good Morning New Zealand (Live appearance)/Cow Bop/2011

Mountain Dew commercial - Baja Breakout/2014

Pepsi - Real Big Summer - commercial aired during 2014 MLB All-Star Game

GoDaddy commercial - Russell's Notebook - percussion/2012


Film/TV Sidelining Credits

This is Us - season 1, episode 7 "The Best Washing Machine in the Whole World" - sidelining musician/2016

Glee - season 5, episode 10 “Trio” - sidelining musician/2014

Friends With Better Lives (episode 106) - sidelining musician/2014

Gangster Squad - sidelining musician/2013