NEW Educational Page!

OK! I've finally created an educational page with content. Yay!

There are five sets of pdfs:

1.  Warm-ups and Rudimental Exercises

2. Basic Jazz Comping Exercises for Snare

3. Basic Beats (Rock/Pop/Funk)

4. One and Two Beat Duration Fills

5. Basic Jazz Solo Vocabulary

Obviously, I didn't invent any of these exercises, beats, or fills. They are all pieces of drumming vocabulary that I've either learned from my teachers over the years, or beats and fills that I've heard on classic recordings. The idea behind posting these documents is to give drummers of all skills levels a location to access the most basic drumming information I teach with ease.

  1. Great for the classical percussionist who wants to learn how to play drumset.
  2. Great for instructors looking for fundamental teaching materials.
  3. Great for self-taught drummers who are looking for new learning resources.
  4. Great for musicians who want to learn drums (reminds me of joke - What do you call a person who hangs out with musicians? Answer: a drummer!)

Ok ... bad joke ... anyway ...

These pdfs are available to download for FREE! Just click on the thumbnails and a new window will open where you can download them.

Also, please let me know if you have any feedback!

Thanks to my wife Kait for her mastery of Finale!